The Weekly What: Friday, September the 27th, 2019

September 30th, 2019

The Weekly What:
Friday, September the 27th, 2019

No School October 3rd-8th!

We will not have school on Thursday the 3rd through Tuesday the 8th for fall break. Teachers and staff will be in meetings on Tuesday the 8th, and students will return on Wednesday the 9th. Thank you!

A Message to Parents From
Our Social Worker

Hey parents/guardians, please take note of two important tasks that need your attention. Below you will find further explanations regarding these tasks. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call our school social worker, Christine at
(504) 228-4303 or via email at

IWES: Institute of Women & Ethnic Studies
This is a sex education and mental health curriculum, which will be implemented at NHH for 9th grade studentsstarting October 15th, and ending at the beginning of December. The consent form was passed out to your student, so please ask them if they have a copy or click the link provided to print and sign a copy. You may also scan and email a completed consent form to If you decide that you do not want your student to participate, the form does not need to be returned. If you do want your student participating, this form needs to be completed and turned into the school social worker by Friday, September 27th. 
Please click here to access the IWES form.

Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ)
This is a universal behavioral screener that will be administered to all participating students by the school social worker and social work intern on Thursday, September 26th, during advisory. The screener is 25 questions and should only take about 15 minutes to complete. The purpose of this is to help the school social worker further address student needs based on their responses. 
This form should ONLY be returned if the parent/guardian does NOT want their student participating.
Please click here to access the parent letter for more details about the SDQ.

Open House

Our next Open House for prospective New Harmony families or anyone interested in learning more about our community is on Wednesday, November the 6th from 4:30-6:30pm at 3368 Esplanade Ave. We hope to see you there! 

Community Contributors

Last Friday, over 20 New Harmony Students participated in a “Speed Networking” event hosted by the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) and the Mississippi River Delta Coalition. Students met several professionals working in the coastal management sector. These professionals exposed our students to various career paths in coastal management, shared their personal career journeys, provided resume tips, and offered internship opportunities.

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Community Engagement &
Career Exploration Program:

New Harmony’s Community Engagement & Career Exploration (CECE) Program is a major pillar of our students’ academic experience. The program offers students an opportunity to build relationships with people and organizations in our community in order to gain exposure to careers across various sectors. Through this explorative process, students will receive knowledge and develop skills that are essential for a fruitful, healthy and successful life.

New Harmony urges organizations to make an impact by providing opportunities for students to experience their workplace. Students benefit from early exposure to the world of work, and employers enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that students and interns bring to their organization. 

Your engagement with our students is vital to their preparation for College, Career and Civic Engagement.

If you’re interested in getting involved with New Harmony in any of the following ways, please click the button below.
For more information please visit our involvement page on our website here
Click Here to Get Involved

A Message from New Harmony Folks for
Nola to Angola

Hey New Harmony Families and Friends,

NHH sophomore Elaina and I are doing a super exciting 170-mile bike ride with around 80 other people to the Louisiana State Penitentiary, a.ka. Angola, as a means to raise money for loved ones who cannot afford transportation to the penitentiary and visit their incarcerated friends & family members. Over the course of three days in mid-October, we ride from Orleans Parish Prison in New Orleans to the Louisiana State Penitentiary.  The funds raised support the Cornerstone Builders Bus Project, which sends free monthly transportation for families to spend quality time with one another, despite tricky circumstances. Nola to Angola runs annually, but supports first-time riders and builds connections between riders and organizations working against mass incarceration. The ride is entirely volunteer-run. Your donation will help families stay connected! Please consider donating to my fundraiser for Nola to Angola here!

Elaina will be using her camera and artistic abilities gained at NOCCA during the ride. She will be documenting the ride and conducting interviews to showcase it’s importance in our community and beyond.

We appreciate any and all support! This includes encouraging words, spreading the word, or donations! Thank you so much in advance.

With love,

– Hope, Operations, Special Projects Coordinator, and Front Desk at New Harmony High. 

Donate to Nola to Angola Here

Getting to Know Our Advisories:
Jaron, 9th grade

Jaron is our 10th-grade Spanish teacher, but a 9th-grade advisor. His advisory considers themselves to be the “most chill” advisory at New Harmony. Here’s what they had to say about being Jaron’s advisee:

“I love the diverse personalities and the opportunity to get to know students in a non-academic setting. I’ve been very fortunate in getting a sweet group of kids as my advisees.”

“It’s never boring in here and I always feel engaged”

*Wyatt shows me a meme that says “It’s chill”*

“Jaron is such a cool guy. He’s generous and musical!”

“I feel comfortable in advisory because I like all of the people here.”

“We create memories together and one of my favorites is when Jaron took us to Cafe du Monde and paid for all of our beignets!”

What We’re Reading

This week, each section of Humanities II took a walk to the New Orleans Museum of Art in order to view Tina Freeman’s “Lamentations” exhibit – a series of photographs that pairs large format images of Louisiana’s disappearing wetlands alongside those of the glacial melt of the Arctic & Antarctic. Students were tasked with analyzing the relationship between humans & their environment and then applying that thinking to the group projects they’ve been working on for the last five weeks, in which they are investigating how the natural landscape impacted the development of the earliest civilizations. With the extra time on the NOMA visit, students also got to see the museum’s collection of Ancient Indian, African, and Central American artifacts in order to draw inspiration for their own creations, which will be on display beginning next Wednesday, along with the myths and research they’ve completed this quarter!

Phoenix, class of 2023

What is something you do well?

I read very well, I like to read young adult fiction.

What is something you have learned in the past week?

In Kat’s class I learned how to conduct an interview and how to transcribe.

What is a misconception people have about you?

People might think I’m mean, I have a resting face.

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself that you do not often say aloud?

I want like 5 kids before 30, I love kids,

Who has had a positive influence on your life so far and why?

My uncle – he does so much and is inspiring.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? 

Nothing! I’m always myself.

What do you like about New Harmony?

Although we’re really small we are really diverse.

Have a lovely weekend! 
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