• Alaina Carter

  • World History

  • Alaina Carter

    World History

    Alaina Carter is a New Orleans native and Southern University alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in General Studies concentrated in African & African American Humanities.  Her master thesis, Public School and Museum collaborations:  The Need and the Benefit for Cultural Curriculum, discusses how professional developments for teachers and field trips to museums can positively impact the learning outcomes and student engagement in public schools classrooms, especially when rooted in Africana Studies. 

    This is Alaina’s tenth year as an educator in New Orleans. During her career she’s worked as an elementary and middle school teacher and a high school behavior and reading interventionist. In early 2020 Alaina began working with the Leona Tate Foundation for Change researching and developing the education exhibit for the Tate, Etienne, and Prevost (TEP) Interpretive Center, which is focused on the desegregation of the New Orleans public schools.  

    When she’s not teaching or conducting research, she enjoys spending time at home with her husband, son, and daughter.

  • Alicia Cooke

  • World Geography

  • Alicia Cooke

    World Geography
    Alicia has lived in Ireland, India, Niger, Slovakia, and on a boat traveling around the world.  She has taught ages 10 to adult in subjects such as environmental education, ESL, African Literature, and health education and has been teaching in some form or another–be it in a classroom, conference room, webinar, or community space–since 2004.  Moving to New Orleans in 2011, she achieved a Master’s degree in Public Health and began devoting all her free time to climate justice work, borne out of a deep love and appreciation for the beauty and importance of the Gulf South region.  She is a founding member of 350 New Orleans, a local nonprofit organization that seeks to amplify and support the work of frontline organizers working for climate justice in their own communities.
    Her top 3 recommendations for New Orleanians looking for a quick day trip outside the city are Bogue Chitto State Park (hills and shade!), the Bayou Coquille Trail at Jean Lafitte (gators!) and Crosby Arboretum (turtles!).  In her free time she enjoys hiking and cycling, and she really wishes rollerblading was cool again.
  • Amanda Murray

  • Project Management & Capstone

  • Amanda Murray

    Project Management & Capstone

    Amanda is a Latin female gerundive name meaning “deserving to be loved,” “worthy of love,” or “loved very much by everyone.”[1] Its diminutive form includes Mandy, Manda and Amy.

    This Amanda is also an advisor and math teacher at New Harmony High. She loves math and dogs and is committed to getting her students love them as well.

    Her background in education began a charter middle school in New Orleans East. She has taught math, science, english, and special education courses in a middle school in New Orleans East. This past year, she took a brief hiatus from classroom teaching to spend some time under the sun. She worked for a year as an outdoor educator on the Chesapeake Bay where she learned to make the most beautiful campfires (ask any NHH student to verify this information but, please, do not ask Fernando). Amanda is so excited to have returned to New Orleans to be teaching at New Harmony High.

  • Annie Stallman

  • Geometry

  • Annie Stallman

    Annie grew up next to the mountains of Northern California. She has always wondered about and looked for the answers to life’s greatest questions in the natural world. Questions about knowledge, social justice, perception, what’s the greatest cereal, dreams, community, is Cinnamon Toast Crunch the greatest cereal, happiness, cultural relativism, does Cinnamon Toast Crunch get too soggy too quickly, etc.
    Annie found her second home in New Orleans when she moved to teach math by the bayou six years ago. After four years of teaching geometry and calculus at a high school in New Orleans East, Annie worked as an investigator for the Louisiana Capital Assistance Center (LCAC). The LCAC is a non-profit organization that provides criminal defense to indigent clients charged with capital crimes. If that last bit made you curious, ask her about it!
    While Annie loved her experience at the LCAC, she was never able to shake this gnawing feeling that a piece of her heart was missing. Her days just weren’t as full without the joy of sharing in learning. At her core, Annie believes the key to disrupting systems of oppression is education—where intellectual openness and conflict are bound together in pursuit of discovering truth.
  • Anthony Burrell

  • Director of Community and Partner Engagement

  • Anthony Burrell

    Director of Community and Partner Engagement

    Anthony believes that high school is a critical time during which youth learn to engage and hold themselves in the world. Throughout this period, they discover and develop their talents as they begin their pilgrimage into adulthood.

    Anthony aspires to aid students in finding their vocational calling through work internships, research projects (and other unique learning opportunities) by utilizing his career experiences that span the fields of corporate finance, corporate social responsibility, and education.

    Anthony’s background in Education includes participating in the Education Pioneer fellowship and working as the Finance and Accounting Controller for a CMO with five schools.

    Prior to entering Education, Anthony Burrell spent six years providing accounting and sustainability professional services, most of which were spent at Ernst & Young those services included financial audits, carbon and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assurance, environmental liability testing, and conflict minerals management and reporting.

    Anthony is a founding and current board member with Compass Community Collaborative school, serving as the Board Treasurer. Anthony received a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of New Orleans, and a CPA license in Louisiana.

    In his life outside of work, Anthony enjoys photography, traveling and listening to jazz music.

  • Charles Whitaker

  • English II

  • Charles Whitaker

    English II

    Charles grew up in New Orleans hating school. Waking up before the sun was out. Trying to do work that made no sense to him. Feeling like a failure for not being able to perform as well as his classmates. He rarely felt comfortable in his own skin or respected by adults, so he acted out and did some very silly things. He got punished for those things, and because the roots of his problems were ignored, the cycle continued.

    The strange thing was he actually liked to learn, he wasn’t completely hopeless socially, and he liked quite a few of his teachers—even his parents were teachers! Stranger still, he found he really enjoyed teaching when he started tutoring students in the writing process at Loyola (somehow a college did accept him). He enjoyed it so much he’s now been doing it 5 years.
    He’s co-taught students across a spectrum of disabilities in the humanities, led a World Lit class that scored his school’s highest LEAP scores each year, and gone on all kinds of adventures with students from performing at poetry open mics to camping under the stars of northern Mississippi.
    As an English teacher, Charles sees the world as a text that’s meant to be read, questioned, and reshaped, and our lives as stories meant to be written day by day. While the sciences and mathematics may deal with the literal meaning of life, Charles believes stories are still the most fundamental way we understand the world and ourselves. What story do you want to tell with your life?
  • Chiquita Adams

  • Math Intervention

  • Chiquita Adams

    Math Intervention

    Chiquita is a self-proclaimed artist who marches to the beat of her own drum, a beat that has led her to New Orleans from Mississippi. She believes in the reverence of Mother Nature, in the unity of one’s physical and spiritual being, and in having a strong sense of community and responsibility to it.

    Chiquita’s began her humble teaching journey circa 2005, volunteering her time to tutoring and mentoring high school graduates in Jackson, MS on their way to college. Since then, Chiquita has taught students both inside and outside of the classroom, academics and nonacademics, traditional and nontraditional settings (and subjects). She most recently served a year as an Americorps Ed Fellow and another year as 7th grade science teacher and director of the after school program at a charter school in Central Falls, RI.

    Her hobbies include cooking, eating, traveling, reading, and all things music-related. She looks forward to rooting and growing like a giant tree, branching up towards the sky, with New Harmony.

  • Christine LeGuizamo

  • Site Coordinator / Social Worker

  • Christine LeGuizamo

    Site Coordinator / Social Worker

    Christine is coming from Communities In Schools of the Gulf South and has been with them since 2016. She graduated from Tulane University with her Master’s in Social Work in 2013 and received her LCSW credentials in May of 2019.

    Prior to coming to New Harmony, she was a school social worker for a high school in the 9th ward and an alternative high school located in New Orleans. She has a lot of experience in trauma work, child advocacy, and community outreach. Christine is very passionate about her clinical work and ensuring every child she comes across knows their rights and can obtain equal access to educational opportunities, mental health services, and other various needs.
    Outside of school, Christine enjoys playing with her dog, reading, and watching documentaries. She feels so lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of a student’s growth as they continue their journey through New Harmony, and she looks forward to meeting students and their families!
  • Dina Ross

  • Probability & Statistics

  • Dina Ross

    Probability & Statistics
    Dina is an eclectic, old soul. Since childhood she has always been interested in equity and empowering people to create change. She believes that education is not only the key to opportunity, but also the key to social change.
    Dina began working in classrooms during her undergraduate education while attending Northwestern University where she majored in education, social policy, and civic engagement. After graduating she began working in schools full-time and has had the privilege of teaching many students across the country in a variety subjects including English, math, social studies, and physical education. She came to New Orleans in 2014 and has been a lead classroom teacher in middle and high schools across the city.
    When she’s not with her students you can find her creating a mess in her kitchen, eating across the city of New Orleans, hitting the gym, or attempting beautifying her backyard space.
  • Doug E. Fresh

  • Therapy Dog

  • Doug E. Fresh

    Therapy Dog

    Doug E. Fresh is a certified Therapy Dog. He and his handler, Nia DeCoux, are trained to provide comfort to schools, hospitals, and other human service providers. His calm disposition and super-soft, hypoallergenic fur make him a champion snuggler! Before joining the NHH Family, Doug served as a therapy animal for The Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. Therapy animals in schools have many positive outcomes, including increases in school attendance, gains in confidence, decreases in learner anxiety behaviors, improved motivation, and enhanced relationships with peers and teachers. Doug hopes to improve the lives of the entire school community. He loves belly rubs, warm hugs, and cheese.

  • Fernando Wagner

  • SPEW (Environmental Science)

  • Fernando Wagner

    SPEW (Environmental Science)

    Fernando is a human being who really enjoys aquatic animals. He was born in Mexico City, Mexico and has lived in New Orleans since 2005. He has taught in varied classroom settings and was most recently engaged at the New Orleans aquarium in their school and youth volunteer programs.

    His alter ego is named “Captain Tangent” and has the incredible superpower of turning basically any discussion into an exploration into the strange and interconnected paths of biology. You’ll usually learn something interesting, but you won’t always know how you got there.

    Fernando’s prary ambitions revolve around environmental education and ecological conservation. He is beyond excited to join the New Harmony team to take these issues to the front lines and to explore the many and incredible natural resources we have waiting in our metaphorical back yard.

  • Jaron Berliner

  • Spanish II & III & IV

  • Jaron Berliner

    Spanish II & III & IV

    Originally from an island near Seattle, an island where you actually have to take a boat to come and go, Jaron Berliner has lived, mostly, in New Orleans since 2003. His experience in public education began with the STAR reading program. After a year living in Bolivia, Jaron and his wife Caitlin returned to New Orleans and he has been a foreign language classroom teacher ever since. Jaron is a deep lover of words, culture and travel.

    When not in the classroom playing games, singing, debating and putting on puppet shows, Jaron is often found chasing after his speedy toddler. The chase usually takes place in City Park, the Lafitte Greenway, along Bayou St. John and through endless restaurants and grocery stores.
    In addition to the aerobics of parenting, Jaron is devoted reader, an emotive guitarist, a passionate traveler (with family, students, and toddlers alike!), a hopeful exerciser, a music nerd, a serious soccer fan and a lover of his wife and child.
    Jaron is particularly proud of having taken cohorts of students abroad to Panama on multiple trips. He looks forward to future adventures and reading Roald Dahl books to his son!
  • Jazmen Hardy-Young

  • Algebra I

  • Jazmen Hardy-Young

    Algebra I
    My name is Jazmen. I’m originally from Baton Rouge. I have a 4 year old Shih Tzu, named Francesca. I’ve been in NYC for a year teaching Algebra. I’m very excited to be moving back home.
     I graduated from LSU. I will be teaching Algebra. I’m most looking forward to building relationships with the students, and making math FUN using real world connections.
  • Jeff Carver

  • English III

  • Jeff Carver

    English III
    Not-so-FAQ’s about Jeff:

    Where are you from? 

    * In chronological order: Santa Cruz, CA; San Luis Obispo, CA; Seattle, WA; Richmond, VA; New Orleans, LA.
    Where did you go to school?
    * California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) – Undergrad | University of New Orleans – Masters.
    How long have you been teaching?
    * Six years — all in New Orleans.
    What courses have you taught? 
    * English I, AP Language and Composition, Technical Writing, Civics — this year English III.
    What were you doing before working in education?
    * I worked as an A&R rep for a record label for a good part of a decade and spent a couple years working as a project manager for a company that composed music for national advertising campaigns.  Lots of writing.  Lots of reading. Lots of communicating.
    Why New Harmony? 
    * New Harmony’s approach to education resonates with me on a deep level, and I am inspired by the school’s innovation and fearlessness in creating authentic learning opportunities for students.
    Are there any NHH projects that you are particularly proud of?
    * Yes!  Plug time.  Check out the New Harmony High Podcast here — it’s one of my favorite things ever.  Also, check out the book of dystopian flash fiction stories that our students published in partnership with 826 New Orleans here — it’s called Once Upon a Time in a City Called New Orleans.  It is also one of my favorite things ever.
    Are there any other books you’ve been thinking about a lot lately? 
    * In no particular order: Teaching a Stone to Talk – Dillard, Salvage the Bones – Ward, Parable of the Sower – Butler,  East of Eden – Steinbeck, The River Why – Duncan, Gilead – Robinson, and Infinite Jest – Wallace.  I would love to talk to you at length about all of these books.
    What are you interested in?
    * Family, birding, reading, music, backpacking, the natural world, podcasts, field recordings, yard beautification, talking to Fernando about insects, and trying to fix things around the house (see: usually unsuccessfully).
    Are there any birds you’ve been thinking about a lot lately? 

    * Actually, yes!  In alphabetical order: Belted Kingfishers, California Quail, Harpy Eagles, Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers (or lack thereof), Loggerhead Shrike, Painted Buntings, and Roseate Spoonbills.

    Did you interview yourself for this bio?
    * Maybe.
  • Katelynn Clement

  • Director of Learning

  • Katelynn Clement

    Director of Learning
    Katelynn’s main passions in life include building, walking and eating. Uncoincidentally, their past 9 years in the education world have been filled with all three. Katelynn came to New Orleans in 2011 as a high school math teacher, and spent three years in the classroom teaching the spectrum of math classes including Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry and PreCalculus. In the classroom, they focus on building an empowering environment for students to take risks, be themselves and embrace their curiosities and passions. Outside of the classroom, they focus on eating as much delicious local food as possible.
    Katelynn’s curiosities led them wandering to the northern California coast then to the eastern mountains and the Appalachian Trail, where they walked from Georgia to New York for a few months. Somewhere along the way, they landed a teaching job at the Journeys School of the Teton Science Schools in Jackson, Wyoming and spent two years re-building the design program at the school, as well as teaching math. There, they grew their knowledge and skills around place-based, project-based and design education: utilizing the local community and ecology as a classroom to deepen learning experiences and using design thinking to build solutions to local challenges. They are excited to bring this experience to their work at New Harmony, and support our teachers in building and implementing a place-based and project-based philosophy and practice.
    Since returning to New Orleans in 2017, Katelynn has spent time as a carpenter doing historic restoration in the city, built a tiny house in their backyard, been a pedicab driver in the Quarter, and become active in local environmental and social justice movements. On any given day, you may find them playing soccer in a park, walking along the levee with their dog (Dug), riding their bike all around the city or reading/eating in their backyard.
  • Katherine Bell

  • Academic Counselor

  • Katherine Bell

    Academic Counselor

    Kat finds joy in helping students discover their interests and talents in unexpected places: she believes that everyone is a genius at something. Her first teaching experience was in Argentina and since then she has taught in Florida, Montana, and New Orleans. She has lived in big cities, rural areas, and on the Blackfeet Reservation, but New Orleans is the only U.S. city that has ever captured her heart. She first moved to New Orleans in 2009 to study linguistics and anthropology at Tulane and when she tried to move away she went through amazing food and music withdrawal and had to return.


    A lover of beauty, whether it is found in a trumpet solo, a sunset, or the written word, she has taught middle and high school students in a variety of subjects, including English, social studies, art and music, biology (for a hot minute!) and wilderness survival and is excited to bring all of her experiences in education and the workplace to the Quest for Success course at New Harmony. 


    When she’s not tracking down her fluffy, escape-artist dog, Poka, she might be found biking by the river, playing the piano, enjoying music somewhere in the city, cooking, or devouring a novel in a hammock. She thinks that any day that is spent by a body of water or on top of a mountain is a great day.

  • Kelsey Reynolds

  • English IV

  • Kelsey Reynolds

    English IV
    Kelsey Reynolds is a Black queer educator, youth community organizer, abolitionist, and lifelong student who centers relationship building and listening to youth in her teaching practice. Through 7 years of co-learning alongside young people, she knows their radical imaginations will save us. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Kelsey made her way to New Orleans through the Tulane Posse Scholarship where she studied Africana Students. After graduating from Tulane she never left New Orleans due to her work in Education, which started as a freshman interning at Tulane’s Upward Bound. She leaves 826 New Orleans where she supported students in finding their authentic voice through reading and writing. When not in the classroom you can catch her crocheting or knitting while watching Harry Potter.
  • Kitty O’Connor

  • Outdoor Adventures

  • Kitty O’Connor

    Outdoor Adventures
    Kitty is devoted to listening to youth and supporting them to discover, unfold and explore their passions.
    Kitty has been teaching in New Orleans public schools since 2008, when she completed TeachNOLA with a certificate in Special Education.  She has a wide range of classroom experience working with youth across a spectrum of disabilities (low and high incidence), and in a variety of settings (inclusion, pull-outs and special programs).  Kitty’s belief in a radical change of schooling and education is what brought her to New Harmony High as a founding team member.  She is part of the SELF 2019 Cohort (Special Education Leader Fellowship), a certified CPI  Instructor (nonviolent crisis intervention through the Crisis Prevention Institute), and a certified Louisiana Master Naturalist.  She is constantly seeking ways to grow as an educator.
    You can find Kitty en route to an outdoor adventure in her minivan with her family (two kids, three dogs and her sweetheart).
  • Laura Lobosco

  • LRS Coordinator, Case Manager

  • Laura Lobosco

    LRS Coordinator, Case Manager

    Laura is committed to the idea that young people should not have to wait until they are adults to be valued and respected members of their communities. Advocating for the right to equitable and just educational experiences for high school students has been the focus of Laura’s work since she joined a special education team in a New Orleans high school in 2013.  She is so happy to be joining a team of educators who are dedicated to supporting students in finding and using  their own voices to direct their futures.

    Born and raised in Rhode Island,  Laura studied Psychology, English and Spanish at the University of Mississippi. Since 2011 she’s been proud to call New Orleans home, and highly prizes the opportunity to explore, hike, and camp in the Gulf Coast region.
  • Lauryl Grimes

  • Government & World Geo.

  • Lauryl Grimes

    Government & World Geo.

    Lauryl is a native New Hampshirite, long time Bostonian, recent Portlander, and a New Orleanian at heart. After getting her Masters in Public Health at Tulane, she and her partner moved to Portland, Oregon where Lauryl became a begrudging west-coaster and found herself, sort-of-accidentally, in education. 


    Interested in food systems and nutrition, she served a year with AmeriCorps as the garden coordinator at Trillium Charter School. Gardening is objectively the best but Lauryl quickly realized that high schoolers are the coolest, most interesting group of humans and argued to become a high school advisor and teacher the following year. She believes relationships and diversity-in-all-its-forms are fundamental to education. She loves breaking down constructs and smashing the patriarchy and is thrilled to continue her work in special education, equity, and advisory at New Harmony! 


    When Lauryl isn’t at school, you can likely find her at a dog park with Zuzu (her pet velociraptor), cooking, camping, or thinking about running. 

  • Nia DeCoux

  • English I

  • Nia DeCoux

    English I

    Nia DeCoux is a writer, educator, and activist who believes that when done well storytelling and teaching become the same practice. Her work has been honoured by both the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, and the National Black Arts Festival. She is a native of rural Southwest Louisiana and her work as an educator has taken her all over the world including Atlanta, Detroit, Oakland, New York, Belize and Honduras. Nia is the Founder of Untold Education and a Festival of Words board member. She’s excited to help shape and be shaped by the New Harmony educational community. Nia loves secondhand shops, trying new foods, and those unexpectedly wonderful conversations you have with strangers on a bus.

  • Rae Banks

  • Director of Operations

  • Rae Banks

    Director of Operations
    Rae is a native New Orleanian however spent her formative years in Detroit, Michigan. She is a proud product of Detroit Public Schools and Wolverine.
    Creating an exceptional experience for each student has been her passion since entering New Orleans Public and Charter school system. It is her absolute passion to blur the line of the experience that students obtaining privatized education with those of a more common and urban demographic in Orleans Parish.
    Rae is a Mother of three amazing small people whom she encourages to reach beyond the sky. She enjoys a nice cup of tea, cooking, dancing, art, great salads, Mardi Gras, and loving family/friends extra hard.
  • RJ Gutierrez

  • Nurse

  • RJ Gutierrez


    RJ Gutierrez joined New Harmony in the Fall of 2018 as our School Nurse. He is a graduate of LSU’s School of Nursing and uses his degree to help inform the New Orleans community about healthy lifestyles. Before starting with us he provided care for several years in hospitals, emergency departments, home health and hospice, and management.

    His focus at New Harmony is to instill healthy eating and exercise habits, as well as raise awareness about high rates of obesity, heart disease, and type II diabetes which are, for the most part, preventable with proper education and minor changes in lifestyle. He also manages and executes all communication with students, parents, and guardians about their individual health plans, as well as the routine injuries and illnesses, and any other medical concerns.
    RJ has two daughters, is passionate about the outdoors, the environment, and hands-on projects such as wood working and mechanics. He also has chickens.
  • Sierra Jenkins

  • Biology

  • Sierra Jenkins

    Sierra is from Gaithersburg, MD and has slowly migrated further south since graduating high school. She is very passionate about science and exposing students to using different topics that they have never heard of.  Sierra believes it is important for students to take on the role as change agents in their communities, and discover interests they are passionate about early on in their high school career.
    In her free time you can find Sierra eating at different restaurants around New Orleans, cooking new recipes from blogs , or looking up random facts about whales (her favorite animal).
  • Sentoris Bronner

  • Director of Diverse Learning

  • Sentoris Bronner

    Director of Diverse Learning

    Sentoris Bronner, is from a small town called Shelby, Mississippi. Growing up in a small community of 1,500, he knew all his classmates as he transitioned through school. With limited options of things to do, Sentoris grew up playing all kinds of sports. He was also very interested in exploring the world of science. At one point, he had aspirations of becoming a doctor. However, his dream shifted after observing his high school basketball coach work with special education students.

    Sentoris did not have a solid vision for his future until he made it to Jackson State University. His college experience was unique. The College of Education staff placed him under their tutelage and mentored him through attaining his Masters of Science degree in Special Education. While receiving an exceptional education, his drive to educate and support students consistently grew. From learning about the history of the institution to meeting new individuals from around the world, his time at Jackson State University laid the foundation for his professional career as an educator. 

    After college, he was employed by Jackson Public Schools, where his former high school assistant principal served as commander and chief.  After teaching for one year, he discovered that the totality of this passion was not in your traditional education system.  He decided to transition to a field safety specialist where he went on to teach food safety across Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. Nonetheless, his educational experience would bring him back to the classroom where he continues to challenge minds and change lives.

  • Stephen Hoyt

  • Intervention 1:1

  • Stephen Hoyt

    Intervention 1:1

    Stephen grew up in rural Iowa, spending much of his childhood surrounded by corn. He studied sociology at Knox college and became increasingly interested in helping marginalized groups. This led him to work with adults in state care and then, after moving to Austin Texas, in special education. He has lived in New Orleans going on 5 years now and has been working in charter schools in a variety of capacities (teacher, behavior interventionist, one to one, case manager.) Stephen loves spending time on the bayou with his 45lbs wiener dog Guapo, attending Pelicans games, and biking around New Orleans taking in everything the city has to offer. He is in pursuit of a Masters of Counseling at Loyola University where he hopes to concentrate in school counseling so he can expand his reach in the helping professions.

  • Sunny Dawn Summers

  • School Leader

  • Sunny Dawn Summers

    School Leader

    Sunny is a passionate and dedicated public school educator. Starting in 2011, Sunny has been learning from the youth of New Orleans in charter schools across the city. Before New Harmony, Sunny was a teacher leader, department head and instructional coach at New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School.

    Sunny has always valued the relationships she cultivated with her students, and has stayed in touch with so many of her previous students. Inside the classroom, her achievements include having the school’s only 100% passing ratio for the English II EOC, as well as co-developing a new, innovative English curriculum to meet the needs of incoming sophomores with writing deficiencies. Her World Lit classroom has been host to camera crews filming real-time sessions for teacher education as well as radio producers test driving podcasts and teaching storytelling. Sunny has taught English I and II, Algebra, Geometry, reading intervention, and 8.5 writing. As a founding teacher at ReNew Accelerated High School, she received Teacher of the Year Honors.

    Sunny received her BA in English and Art (Magna Cum Laude, All College Honors, Departmental Honors) from the University of Saint Mary in 2001, and her Masters in Teaching from the Relay Graduate School of Education (Honors) in 2015. She completed teachNOLA in 2011.

    Prior to becoming a teacher, Sunny had a successful nine-year career as Vice President for Content Development in the business of adult education, where data mining and instructional coaching were critical. She has extensive non-profit and volunteer experience including advising the founder of The HALO Foundation and serving as Board Vice President and teaching English in Nicaragua.

    Sunny was a founding member of the New Harmony High design team that won the nationally competitive XQ: The Super School Project, receiving a $10 million grant to open a public high school focused on coastal restoration and preservation. Since 2017, she has served as the school leader for New Harmony. Sunny and her husband Tyler have a son, Beau, who specializes in being ornery.

    You can catch her marching in front of the Treme Brass Band on Lundi Gras as El Capitan Ad Infinitum for Krewe of Redbeans and Rice in New Orleans.