Community Engagement and Career Exploration Program

New Harmony’s Community Engagement & Career Exploration (CECE) Program is a major pillar of our students’ academic experience. The program offers students an opportunity to build relationships with people and organizations in our community in order to gain exposure to careers across various sectors. Through this explorative process, students will receive knowledge and develop skills that are essential for a fruitful, healthy and successful life.

New Harmony urges organizations to make an impact by providing opportunities for students to experience their workplace. Students benefit from early exposure to the world of work, and employers enjoy the energy and enthusiasm that students and interns bring to their organization. 

Your engagement with our students is vital to their preparation for College, Career and Civic Engagement.


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Here are four ways to impact our students:

Leaving to Learn

The Purpose

Students participate in community-based learning devoted to a deeper understanding of our society and environment, or exposure to various career opportunities. Leaving to Learns includes volunteer work and fieldwork, and site visits.

Your Involvement 

Host or co-facilitate a group of students on a Thursday morning or afternoon at your work site for an experiential learning experience. If you are interested in facilitating a learning experience, please contact Anthony Burrell at

Mentor an Intern

The Purpose

Through multiple internships, students become contributing partners in their work with professionals. Students build strong social connections around the things that interest them, building a relationship with a mentor that shares their interest and appreciates the student as an individual.

Your Involvement 

Share the ins and outs of your profession. Students will develop projects that have real value for you and your workplace. You’ll get a fresh perspective, valuable skills in mentoring, and the satisfaction of building stronger ties in our community.

Job Shadow

The Purpose

Students identify people and organizations in industries they would like to learn more about. Students spend up to a day shadowing professionals to observe the activities of their occupation.

Your Involvement

Host a student for 2 hours to a day, show them particulars of what you do in your professional environment.

Informational Interview

The Purpose

Students seek out adults in the community who share similar interests. They arrange an informational interview (20-30 minutes) to gain a deeper understanding of a profession, career path, and nuances of the daily work environment.

Your Involvement

Connect with a student by phone, video conference or in-person to have a dialogue about who you are and what you do.

Internship Basics

Sessions: Every Thursday

Hours per session: 4+ hours per day (Actual hours may be flexible)

Dates: October 24, 2019 – March 26, 2020 (One day per week for 8 to 16 weeks)

Other: Internships are educational opportunities, rather than paid employment. Students will receive academic credit for internships. 


School Contact Information

Name: Anthony Burrell


Phone: 504.258.0798

Call Anthony Burrell to get started or complete our Impact Interest Form here.