dual enrollment

Fill out the NHH Dual Enrollment Application here

Dual Enrollment and Industry Based Credential (IBC) Course Policy

Dual Enrollment is an accessible way to introduce students to college-level courses while in high school. They can earn both high school and college credit, which results in helping students better prepare for college and potentially decrease their time and cost on their path to college graduation. Current partners include:

  • Delgado Community College
  • University of New Orleans


An Industry Based Credential (IBC) is tangible evidence that an individual has successfully demonstrated skill competencies in a specific set of work-related tasks, a single occupational area, or a cluster of related occupational areas as recognized by a specific industry. It has been suggested that IBCs are an individual’s passport into the new economy. We partner with local training providers who offer courses that prepare students for IBC exams.

New Harmony training provider partners include:

  • NOTEP (New Orleans Technical Education Provider)
  • NOVAC (New Orleans Video Access Center)
  • Operation Spark

New Harmony Application Requirements

  • Must be a junior or senior.
  • Must have completed all 9th and 10th grade course offerings in the course progression and have completed or be enrolled in all courses for appropriate grade level. See table below.*
  • Must have availability in your schedule. 
  • Must have completed the annual IGP meeting.
  • Course selection must be aligned to the NHH mission, unavailable through the course offerings at New Harmony and/or available through the Supplemental Course Academy (SCA) funding.
  • Tech courses must be aligned with the mission of New Harmony and/or the top industries of Louisiana; IBC certification must be finished during high school.
  • Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis for students with IEPs or who are on the Jumpstart Pathway.
  • Signed parental agreement

Louisiana Board of Regents Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements

  • Enrolled in regents’ academic (TOPS-University) core
  • Minimum High School GPA of 2.50
  • Minimum 19 ACT Composite or minimum 1010 SAT Total
  • Minimum 18 English ACT or minimum 500 SAT ERW. Students who meet other readiness indicators but have <18 ACT English may be allowed to enroll in mathematics courses for Dual Enrollment, if they concurrently address their reading/writing deficiencies.
  • Minimum 19 Math ACT or minimum 510 SAT Math. Students who meet other readiness indicators but have <19 ACT Math may be allowed to enroll in English, foreign languages, or introductory social science, humanities or arts survey courses for Dual Enrollment, if they concurrently address their math deficiencies. 
  • For College Algebra, a minimum 20 ACT Math 

Please see the Board of Regents Emergency Policy: Dual Enrollment, Placement and Admissions Criteria Response to COVID-19 Pandemic for more details.

In order to schedule a dual enrollment class, the student must complete the NHH Dual Enrollment Application as well as the college or university application and upon acceptance, schedule a time with the school counselor to complete course enrollment.