Unique Academic Components

New Harmony utilizes unique educational frameworks to deliver deeper learning experiences for students and staff: advisories, mission aligned programming, exhibitions of learning, and project and problem based learning– all while preparing students for college, career and beyond.


Each student at New Harmony is part of a small, 15 student learning community called an advisory. Each advisory is supported and led by an advisor (teacher) who forms a personal relationship with each of their students. Watch the video below to learn more.

Mission Aligned Programming

Ninth graders earn credit through a class we call Outdoor Adventures. Students take 12-15 field trips during their 9th grade year and learn about urban farming, recycling, composting, sustainability, coastal issues, team building, bikes, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Tenth graders earn credit in a class called Human Centered Design which focuses on group problem solving centered around the UN Sustainability Goals. They take field trips, explore careers, learn about the community, and move closer towards an informed future.

Eleventh graders earn credit in a College and Career focused course where students visit local and regional colleges looking for programs that are aligned with their future plans. They get to see real programs in action– from Engineering to Aerospace Manufacturing and beyond. Our kids don’t just go to college though– some prepare for careers in high wage, high growth programs. We work with Youth Force and other local programs geared to assist students in finding the right path.

Seniors work on a Impact Capstone project that is a culmination of all of their knowledge and skills learned during their time at New Harmony, using research, local mentors, and community resources. They create something tangible and present it to their classmates and community members during the latter part of their senior year.


Each semester students create an exhibition of their learning and progress. Exhibitions of learning incorporate what students are learning within their classes and/or their mission aligned programming, ensuring students are able to make relevant learning connections.


Assistance Online and Outside of School

We make every effort to be available to students to offer assistance after regular school hours. If we send work home with students, we expect the work to be within the students’ ability to complete without direct assistance. However, pursuant to R. S. 17:182.1, homework assistance is available through the New Orleans Public Library. You can access online homework assistance through the State Library of Louisiana by clicking here or through your local public library by clicking here. You can also find access to free online tutoring, homework services, test prep, and more on Homework Louisiana by clicking here.

Student-centered learning

New Harmony uses student-centered learning to meet the educational goals of each student.

  • Students are part of small learning communities consisting of 15 students called an advisory
  • Advisories are led by an advisor, a teacher who forms relationships with each of their students
  • Students are the center of their learning so that their education is rigorous and relevant
  • Parents and families are engaged in the student’s learning process and enrolled in New Harmony alongside their student as resources to the school community
  • Students work in courses with content teachers to gain the skills necessary to earn credit towards graduation

This structure creates a student-centered learning model at New Harmony, where students are invested in their learning and challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators, professionals, and family members.