Unique Academic Components

New Harmony utilizes unique educational frameworks to deliver deeper learning experiences for students and staff: advisories, fellowships, projects, and expeditionary learning.


Each student at New Harmony is part of a small, 15 student learning community called an advisory. Each advisory is supported and led by an advisor (teacher) who forms a personal relationship with each of their students. Each advisee with the support of their advisor and family develops a personalized learning plan guided by their passions and interests. Watch the video below to learn more.


Each student has a fellowship where they work closely with a mentor working in a profession of their interest, learning in a real-world setting. During their apprenticeships students participate in guided reflection on their real-world learning experiences with their mentors and advisors to ensure deep and meaningful learning.


Each quarter students develop a project and/or an exhibition of their own design, allowing students to further explore their unique interests and passions. Projects are designed to be cross-curricular and incorporate what students are learning within their classes and/or their fellowships, this ensures that students are able to make their classes relevant to their passions and interest, ensuring learning is relevant.

Leaving to Learn

Each week students participate in school designed learning experiences that happen beyond the walls of the classroom. Students are exposed to a myriad of environmental and social issues, and are able to engage and explore their communities through authentic learning experiences. Watch the video below to learn more.

Assistance Online and Outside of School

We make every effort to be available to students to offer assistance after regular school hours. If we send work home with students, we expect the work to be within the students’ ability to complete without direct assistance. However, pursuant to R. S. 17:182.1, homework assistance is available through the New Orleans Public Library. You can access online homework assistance through the State Library of Louisiana by clicking here or through your local public library by clicking here. You can also find access to free online tutoring, homework services, test prep, and more on Homework Louisiana by clicking here.

Student-centered learning

New Harmony uses student-centered learning to meet the educational goals of each student.

  • Students are part of small learning communities consisting of 15 students called an advisory
  • Advisories are led by an advisor, a teacher who forms relationships with each of their students
  • Students are the center of their learning so that their education is rigorous and relevant
  • Parents and families are engaged in the student’s learning process and enrolled in New Harmony alongside their student as resources to the school community
  • Students work in courses with content teachers to gain the skills necessary to earn credit towards graduation

This structure creates a student-centered learning model at New Harmony, where students are invested in their learning and challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators, professionals, and family members.