The Weekly What: Friday, January the 25th, 2019

January 30th, 2019
Our originally scheduled tree-planting for Leaving-to-Learn with CRCL was interrupted this week due to the government shutdown. So instead, we went to Joe Brown Park, in the east, and participated in various outdoor recreational activities with the NORDC staff.
Options including canoeing, nature walking and journaling about the trail, or learning a new skill: archery! 
 Cool Stuff Kids Did This Week:

MLK Day of Service with Eskew, Dumez, and Ripple

On Monday, we spent our MLK day with Eskew, Dumez, and Ripple: a New Orleans-based design studio producing diverse projects in architecture, interior environments, and urban design. They helped students of New Harmony High design and build multipurpose outdoor furniture for our school’s future site. Students spent the day interacting with artists, engineers, architects and more to make their vision come to life.

Youth Run NOLA

 Beginning today, January 25th, students had an opportunity to gain Physical Education credit by participating in Youth Run NOLA. Youth Run NOLA is a locally-grown, sports-based youth development non-profit that supports 8-18 year olds across St. Bernard, Orleans, and Jefferson Parishes.
Each week at school-based practices, New Harmony students will train alongside their teacher-coaches, Anthony and Amanda, through a curriculum of sprint and distance workouts, anatomy and running literacy, team-building, and reflection. As part of the program, the Youth Run NOLA city-wide community comes together at monthly 5k, 10k, and half marathon races to either run, walk, or jog in celebration of our community and progress.
This program will be offered on Monday and Friday of each week during the last lesson block of those respective days.
We are Hiring! 
As we prepare for an influx of approximately 60 students, we would also like to welcome new staff to our team. Visit our website, Work NOLA, or Teach New Orleans for detailed descriptions.
Apply Here
A Day in the Life of an Education Advisor at New Harmony High
Here is who we are seeking…
  • Education Advisors with experience in…
    • Biology (LEAP 2025)
    • Humanities (9th/10th)
    • Spanish / French 
  • Director of Special Education
  • Special Education Case Manager
  • Special Education Interventionist
  • Director of Student Experience
  • Operations Coordinator


Preferred: January 31, 2019

Secondary:  February 15, 2019

At New Harmony High School, we don’t just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our students, our families, our staff, and our community. New Harmony High School is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

Apply Here

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Join High Resolves New Orleans for an interactive workshop exploring the theme of social justice. Students, educators, parents, guardians, and community members are all welcome. Light refreshments will be provided.Through activities and discussions, participants will explore our collective ability to make personal choices that go beyond charity and more constructively make the world a more just place. Participants will also learn about the learning experiences High Resolves provides for students and educators. After the workshop, participants will gain access to a set of high-quality, practical resources for guiding young people in exploring social justice at local and global scales.

Be sure to RSVP by registering for a free ticket on Eventbrite here

Material Institute

Learn traditional Mardi Gras beading techniques with feathers and rhinestones at the Material Institute (2120 Port St, New Orleans, LA 70117​). every Saturday until Mardi Gras from 2-6pm!

Now Enrolling!

This fall we will welcome our second freshman class to New Harmony High School! If you are a rising freshman who is interested in visiting our campus to see how we learn through exploration off-campus, reinforce our own learning through peer-support, and engage with career professionals through fellowships; then we may be the right fit for you!

Contact us to set up a tour and/or Shadow Day.

Guest Speaker

Kristen Smith

Kristen is formerly a teacher-turn-community-organizer who now works across South Louisiana supporting educators and parents who want to see change in the school system. She shared her story of growing up and being in situations where she was not often encouraged by the success stories of people who looked like her.
She challenged the students to begin thinking of issues in their community they are passionate about and consider how collective action can move their ideas and actions forward.

Contact Us



What is something you do well?

Something I do well in my opinion is talk a lot. I may be quiet when I meet someone new; but once you get to know me, you’ll know that I can hold long conversations ,and that’s something a lot of people can’t do.

What is something you have learned in the past week?

Something I’ve learned in the past week is that HIGH SCHOOL IS WAY MORE STRESSFUL THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!  But I’m learning as I experience it, which is good.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?

A HUGE misconception people have about me is that I’m shy. I wouldn’t consider myself shy or outgoing, but I feel as if I’m a mix of both.

What is a dream you have for yourself that you do not often say aloud?

In middle school, I used to be on a step team, and I used to want to become a step-performer. If I get a teacher, I would continue doing it.

Who has had a positive influence on your life so far and why?

My parents because they push me to do things I may be too lazy (or don’t want) to do.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

I would probably speak my mind more often. There are tons of things I have an opinion on, but just don’t have the courage to speak it.

What do you like about New Harmony?

Well if I’m being completely honest, New harmony was a last choice, but I’m actually glad I came here because it’s way more unique than any of the other schools I’ve been too or was planning on going too.
Plus, we get to express ourselves without being judged by others

Have a wonderful weekend!
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