The Weekly What: Friday, January the 10th, 2020

January 21st, 2020

The Weekly What:
Friday, January the 10th, 2020

New Harmony Families, 

Progress reports are being mailed by the 13th of January. Please note a new attendance and tardy policy will be included in the mailing. A link to the Student Handbook is on our website (include the link). Please let your child’s advisor know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

New Harmony Featured in
USA Today & Washington Post

“New Orleans: A new high school is preparing students for careers in coastal protection and restoration, anticipating a future with ongoing climate change and sea level rise. New Harmony High School opened in fall 2018 and currently serves about 100 south Louisiana students. Besides their traditional classes in math, literature and history, New Harmony students take science classes that tackle environmental issues. The school currently has grades nine and 10, with plans to expand to 11th and 12th grades. The state charter school’s mission is intricately tied to the state’s future. A multitude of issues from the leveeing of the Mississippi River to oil and gas development have made Louisiana ground zero for coastal land loss. The state estimates it has lost just over 2,000 square miles of land – a tract about the size of Delaware – since 1932.” – USA Today, January 7th, 2020
New Harmony students and Community Coordinator, Anthony Burrell, were interviewed last semester by the Associated Press. They were asked how we are helping to prepare them for careers in coastal protection and restoration, energy, and environmental advocacy.

“We just want them to understand that regardless of what you do or what we do as a society, we all have an impact on the environment, and that should be factored into the work that you do,”
Anthony Burrell, Community Coordinator 

“I really like getting to learn alongside the other students about the problems we have that affect everyone else in the world, not even just in the U.S.,”
-Mei Miller, Freshman at New Harmony

Read the full article here

Save the Date!
826 Book Publishing Party


We are excited to announce that Jeff’s 9th-grade Humanities class book, Once Upon a Time in a City Called New Orleans, is in the final stages of production and will be published by 826 on January 25th.

To celebrate the occasion, you are invited to the publishing party on Saturday, January 25th at 3pm at Longue Vue House and Gardens.  The event is going to be amazing — food/drinks, student readings, a student discussion panel moderated by author Nat Rich — all at a beautiful venue.  The entire 9th grade worked really hard on this project and are super excited about this party, so please try to come and support them!


New Electives at New Harmony:
Outdoor Adventures with Liz

The Outdoor Adventures Education curriculum is not your traditional PE course. Instead of teaching PE with basketballs and tennis rackets, we use rods and reels, and bows and arrows. The Outdoor Adventures course is designed to change young people’s lives forever by exposing them to the many great opportunities of the outdoors. Outdoor Adventures Education is a fun and exciting co-ed physical education course. Students are taught life-long skills by using an integrated curriculum of science, math, writing, critical thinking skills, and computer technology that meets national standards requirements. The focus is on outdoor activities such as: archery, orienteering, survival skills, first aid/CPR, trip planning, angling, tackle crafts, hiking, backpacking, camping, outdoor cooking, and conservation/environmental issues.

Harmony Highlight:
Non-Homosapien Edition

Doug E. Fresh

Doug E. Fresh is a certified Therapy Dog. He and his handler, Nia DeCoux, are trained to provide comfort to schools, hospitals, and other human service providers. His calm disposition and super-soft, hypoallergenic fur make him a champion snuggler! Before joining the NHH Family, Doug served as a therapy animal for The Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau, Louisiana. Therapy animals in schools have many positive outcomes, including increases in school attendance, gains in confidence, decreases in learner anxiety behaviors, improved motivation, and enhanced relationships with peers and teachers. Doug hopes to improve the lives of the entire school community. He loves belly rubs, warm hugs, and cheese. 

Have a lovely weekend! 



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