The Weekly What: Friday, December the 20th, 2019

January 6th, 2020

The Weekly What:
Friday, December the 20th, 2019

New Harmony Families,

All students return to school on Monday, January the 6th 2020. Thank you for a wonderful semester!

Semester 1 Exhibitions Highlights

Hello New Harmony Community!

The end of semester has arrived and students are officially on winter break until Monday, January 6th. This past week has been a wonderful display of student exhibitions: Freshmen walked their fellow advisees, visitors, and panelists through their learning this semester, highlighting projects and reflecting on growth. These kids are really incredible. Sophomores reflected on their personal growth and worked on passion projects, building on all they learned from last year. One great addition this year, because we now have 2 grades, was the grade level cross over. Sophomores got to showcase their presentation skills while freshmen watched, and sophomores got to watch freshmen present for the first time.

Big thanks to our grade level leads Amanda and Lauryl, who helped us arrange the days, and our humanities teachers, Katy and Jeff, who spearheaded the heavy lift of such a big project. And to families who came to support, and to the rest of the staff who were so flexible with their days, thank you!

See you in January!

Sunny Summers, School Leader

Some topics students covered during exhibitions…
  • Investigating the Personal & Societal Impacts of Loneliness
  • Creating a Children’s Book
  • The Power of Poetry & Photography
  • The Art and History of Tattooing
  • My Own Hero’s Journey
  • The Value of Hands-on Learning
  • Living With Water: Green Infrastructure
  • Organized Sports & New Harmony High: Opportunities
  • Your Brain on Art

Internship Highlight: 

Ky’lea and Zoey at
Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana (CRCL) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working to drive bold, science-based action to rebuild Coastal Louisiana through engagement and advocacy. CRCL unites business leaders, scientists, landowners, national and local conservation groups, government agencies, hunters, anglers and a broad spectrum of concerned citizens to advance restoration for the benefit of people and nature.

Ky’Lea is their finance and budgeting intern and is creating budgets and plans based on their existing grants and funding. She has learned that investing money in ethical organizations is something she cares deeply about and would like to do as an adult when she has money of her own to invest.

Zoey’s mentor is Kelly, CRCL’s Graphic Designer. She creates social media content, flyers, and other marketing materials. Zoey also works to recruit volunteers, especially youth volunteers to ensure sustained membership and involvement for future generations. Zoey has learned how valuable and vital office work is during her internship. Her dream is not to pursue office work, but she’s glad to be gaining experience and knowledge in operations.

We also had one of our Leaving to Learn’s at CRCL’s volunteer tree planting event, where students helped plant 400 trees at the Central Wetlands unit. See the photos below. 

Leaving to Learn: 

Day with an Artist

On Thursday, December 12th, a group of NHH students were lucky to visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art for their Day with an Artist program. While there, students were privileged to take a tour of the museum guided by artist-in-residence Carlie Trosclair. Students learned and asked questions about Ms. Trosclair’s artistic process, her creative history and the meaning behind her work. After the tour, led by Ms. Trosclair, students got their hands dirty and made silicone molds of personal objects that reminded them of home. It was a fun, messy, memorable day for all!


Alyssa, class of 2023

What is something you do well?

Karate and generally some sports. My favorites are boxing and volleyball. 

What is something you have learned in the past week?

That I have really really great friends and I never want to lose them!

What is a misconception people have about you?

Some people think I’m “annoying”, I guess I can be sometimes but the people that can tolerate my humor are the special ones. 

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself that you do not often say aloud?

My top two career paths that I’d like to pursue is being a lawyer or becoming a zoologist. 

Who has had a positive influence on your life so far and why?

I went through a phase where I really enjoyed K-pop. The most well known K-pop group, BTS, really inspired me through their quotes and music and their positivity really stuck on me. 

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? 

I guess I would dress differently, a lot of people, especially family, always tell me I can’t dress like a bum but if I were allowed to, I would. 

What do you like about New Harmony?

Everything! Of course I love the people, my friends, and most of the teachers. My favorite teacher is Jeff, but I also really love Jaron. Math was my favorite subject, but then I got into Humanities, writing, and poetry last year, it was the first time I’d gotten good grades in the subject, I was shocked when I realized I was good at reading and writing. Jeff has such good projects that I enjoy doing and a great personality. He even put on Minecraft music during class one time. 

Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday break!




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