The Bi-Weekly What: Friday, April the 9th, 2021

April 12th, 2021

The Bi-Weekly What:
Friday, April the 9th, 2021

New Harmony’s GiveNOLA Day Campaign

Be the first to support New Orlean’s premiere environmentally-focused high school this GiveNOLA season! You can schedule an early donation starting on Tuesday, April the 20th – Monday, May 3rd. GiveNOLA Day is on Tuesday, May the 4th at midnight.
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We’re Hiring! 

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Advisor/Content Teacher for the following subjects:

9th Grade:

10th Grade:

  • Physical Education/Health

11th Grade:

  • Chemistry

  • Media Arts

  • US History

  • Algebra II for Sustainable Development

12th Grade:

  • AP Environmental Science

Diverse Learning (Special Education)

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New Harmony Student Highlights

Three New Harmony students (Valentina, Austin, and Donavin) recently joined the Community Sailing New Orleans’ Crew to Captain Program, embarking on a 3-year journey that will introduce them to careers in the maritime industry, connecting them with mentors in the industry, and training them to become certified sailing instructors.

This Maritime Career Development Program is designed to help teens find potential pathways to careers in the maritime industry. One in five jobs in Louisiana are tied to the maritime industry and Louisiana leads the nation in numbers of captains, mates, pilots of water vessels, sailors, marine oilers, and ship engineers employed. This program aims to inspire teens to continue to do well in their studies and complete high school so they can pursue higher education or vocational training. This program will also empower students with a skill set for part-time work as sailing instructors as well as provide good content on future job or college applications.

Join us for the 2021-22 School Year

One App Round 2 opens this Tuesday, the 14th.

At New Harmony, students learn their core subjects by diving deeper into their own unique passions. Love art? Let’s talk about it in the context of math or geography. Love engineering? Let’s talk about how you can solve community problems and flex not just your math and science skills but also your writing and critical thinking skills found in humanities courses.

You can learn more about New Harmony on our website. You can also contact our recruitment team to learn more about placement with us this fall at

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