Students React: Takeaways!

November 14th, 2017

On the last day of the food unit, we wanted to see the takeaways that stuck with students after a week of educational activities and conversations. We had them express this in the form of an “I learned…I wonder…I will…” statement to see where their interest, curiosity and passions were piqued.

As a part of our student-centered curriculum, statements like these are the foundation of students designing their own project. If we were focusing on reading, for instance, these curiosity statements could guide reading choices. For example, maybe one student would want to read more about organic farming while another would want to read more about historical cooking methods. The advisor and student would work together to structure the next step, considering student interest. Both students would be working on reading comprehension with readings relevant to their interests.

Check out this video to see the diverse range of effects this food unit had on the educational interests of students!

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