Mud. Machine. Man.

March 27th, 2017

One of the most frequent questions I get when talking about our vision for New Harmony High is about the location. On the Mississippi River? (Yep.) On a barge? (Yep. BargES. Maybe more than 1). Will it move? (If necessary.) Who will move it? (Someone who is licensed. Not me!) Will kids be on it if it moves? (No.) Are you afraid kids will fall off? (No.)

The Mississippi River is a treacherous body of water with highly trained and specialized pilots who captain the giant ships. Being a river pilot is mostly a family business. Someone has to sponsor you, take a risk on you, let you watch and learn and practice. Captain Jared Austin’s story on Narratively, Meet the Master River Pilot Who Conquers the Mississippi Every Day, is a wonderful profile of one of these highly trained navigators. Get a glimpse into what makes Louisiana a major transportation hub, and the planning that goes into moving massive ships along the mighty, moody Mississippi.

From: Narratively. Captain Jared Austin checks the logbook aboard a Greek freighter. Photography by Michel Varisco

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