Meet Monique Verdin

March 5th, 2018

Monique Verdin is a board member at New Harmony. (Photo credit: Sabree Hill)

What is your field of work?
My work is rooted in storytelling. Over the years, I have used the arts to expose the intersectional environmental, social and economic conditions, present at the base of the Mississippi River Delta, ranging from documentary filmmaking to culturally site-specific installations and theatrical performances.

Why are you passionate about New Harmony?
Citizens, especially our youth, need to understand the dynamics of how our beautiful delta works and whats broken; as well as, skill sets, knowledge and inspiration to envision sustainable restoration and preservation for future generations.

Who was your most influential teacher during high school and why?
My 11th grade art class with Ms. Catherine “Ruthie” Henning was one of my most memorable high school experiences. Ms. Henning carved out an unstructured learning environment for her students and allowed us the freedom to explore our individual artistic curiosities, while challenging us to collectively share the experience with our fellow classmates and to fearlessly try different techniques.
Please give photo credit to Sabree Hill

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