Meet Kitty O’Connor

April 25th, 2018

What is your education and career background?

I have been an educator in New Orleans since 2008, when I received my teaching certificate in special education through TeachNOLA. My relationships with water, creatures, and plants; and commitments to community, social justice and celebrating neurodiversity are passions that guide my work.

Why are you passionate about New Harmony?

Learning should have the progressive effect of inspiring awe, curiosity and action. No one should have to wonder about the purpose of what they are learning. Learning should be accompanied with the feeling that it seems impossible to imagine how you existed without this newly gained knowledge. Learning makes the world make sense, or gives us the tools to change the things that don’t make sense. I want to be a part of this type of learning.

Who was your most influential teacher during high school and why?

My parents’ friends taught me about the world outside of textbooks. Our neighbor, Amelia Oliver, was an arborist, former peace corps volunteer, and I remember thinking she was the coolest. She took me on a week-long roadtrip to explore college campuses when I was a junior in high school. Amelia introduced me to Kurt Vonnegut, composting, David Bowie and travel.

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