Meet Kelly Ransom

February 12th, 2018

Kelly Ransom is a board member at New Harmony.

What is your field of work? 

I am an attorney with the law firm of Kelly Hart & Pitre in New Orleans, Louisiana. My practice is focused on environmental and oil and gas litigation.

Why are you passionate about New Harmony? 

I am passionate about New Harmony High because I believe that education and community involvement are crucial to addressing the coastal erosion and the associated coastal restoration and preservation issues threatening the communities of South Louisiana.

Who was your most influential teacher during high school and why? 

I have been lucky enough to have quite a few wonderful teachers growing up but I think the most influential were probably my 6th grade teacher, Ms. Boshiers, and Mrs. Annis Hill who tutored me for a few hours a day for three or four years after I was diagnosed with dyslexia during first grade. Mrs. Hill patiently taught me the fundamental skills I needed to accommodate my learning style which was different from most other kids in my classrooms. Ms. Boshiers was brilliant and intense and taught me to enjoy writing.

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