Meet Fernando Wagner

July 25th, 2018

Fernando is an Education Advisor at New Harmony.

What is your education and career background?

I grew up in Mexico City and moved to the states for High school. I came to New Orleans to study Environmental Biology at Tulane and realized I had found a home for my spirit. I began teaching in a traditional classroom but felt too disconnected from the students and the amazing culture of our city, so I moved to the Aquarium where I worked with volunteers and school group. After working with several national organizations that focus on conservation messaging, I realized how important community innovation will be for future generations.

Why are you passionate about New Harmony?

I am excited for New Harmony because our mission aligns with many of the projects and causes that I have been most passionate about, while also allowing me to work with an amazing team. I have met so many passionate youths with great ideas who end up disappointed or discouraged by a lack of support for their ideas; I am so happy that we will be able to support our students in their interests while also helping them prepare for the challenges they will face in the future and I can’t wait to see all the amazing things we’re going to accomplish.

Who was your most influential teacher during high school and why?

I had several influential teachers in High School, but the most influential adult during that period in my life was actually my Scoutmaster (who also happened to math teacher, but at a different school). He taught me to enjoy the learning process for its own sake, regardless of the outcome or hardships along the way. The lessons I learned about leadership and responsibility have served me well throughout my life.

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