Meet Bob Thomas

February 19th, 2018

Bob Thomas is a board member at New Harmony.

What is your field of work?
I am a tropical biologist who specializes in Neotropical herpetology. My educational passions focus on improvement in the communication of science, specifically regarding environmental, cultural, and economic aspects of coastal protection.

Why are you passionate about New Harmony?
I am passionate about New Harmony due to its focus on giving lifestyle and educationally integrated context to the importance of coastal sustainability.

Who was your most influential teacher during high school and why?
I went to a very excellent high school, but I was an atypical student. I was passionate about nature and snakes, and I constantly read, journaled, pursued, and communicated with professionals about my love of nature. My teachers mostly saw a student who seemed uninterested in education. This led to my career in teaching and my strong focus on recognizing excited learners who might excel with the correct attention and encouragement.

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