September 15th, 2021

This podcast interview between Sunny Summers and Jeff Ikler is part of the “Unstuck” series. These interviews focus on school leaders who are not just getting unstuck, they’re already “unstuck.” And by “Unstuck,” we mean they are leading or embracing a major shift in student learning, instruction, ongoing teacher professional development, community relations, or personal leadership. They’re doing things better, not just differently, not just as part of the most recent fad or trend, but because they want to increase the likelihood that they can achieve desired outcomes on behalf of those they support.

Listen for

√ What attracts students to New Harmony High School.

√ How New Harmony High School got its start.

√ How the curriculum relates to the local place.

√ What the “leading-to-learn” experience entails.

√ How place and project-based learning are built into the curricula.

√ How student agency is integrated throughout the curricula.

√ What Sunny looks for when hiring new teachers.

“The idea of coastal restoration and preservation is not just science. It’s not just dirt and water. There have been native peoples here for thousands of years. It’s about the struggle between man and nature. It’s about the literature and the music that was birthed out of the experience in the south. It’s about so many things that have cultural relevance. We have so much to learn and so much to gain from getting to know our students and their families.” ~ Sunny Summers

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