Associated Press Feature Part Two: EfficientGov

March 4th, 2020

The Associated Press paid New Harmony two visits this year. We were featured in several newspapers nationwide, including The Washington Post, Miami Herald, the Minneapolis Star, and more! We were also included in several blog posts, including Efficient Gov. In this article including New Harmony, the AP featured stories about our vision and mission and the work our staff and students are doing to accomplish them. You can read a portion of the article below and the full article here.


“Burrell said the goal is not for every student to become a coastal scientist. That is not realistic, especially considering some students are interested in the arts and literature, Burrell said.

We just want them to understand that regardless of what you do or what we do as a society, we all have an impact on the environment, and that should be factored into the work that you do,” Burrell said.

In a video promoting the school’s mission, one of its founders, Sunny Dawn Summers, said it’s important to rethink what school should be for students today. New Harmony was formed out of a love of Louisiana and the coast, she said, “and the recognition that we have rising sea levels and disappearing land and coastal issues that we aren’t starting young enough to address.” ”


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