Community Organizing

April 4th, 2018

New Harmony design team member Richie Blink was interviewed about his efforts as a community organizer.

A recent Bloomberg article discusses the uncertainty for people living in a large area along the Louisiana coast. The Louisiana government is working on a plan to relocate or increase taxes for people in high flood-risk areas. The program is called Louisiana Strategic Adaptations to Future Environments (LASAFE) which refers to the impending rising seas and coastal erosion.

The article highlighted a New Harmony design team member, Richie Blink: “Blink, a community organizer for the  National Wildlife Federation, said he understands the dilemma political leaders face, but wishes they would do more to keep the area habitable longer”.

New Harmony will challenge its students to think through the implications of proposed programs such as these. How will it affect residents? The local and state economy? The environment? Students can get involved with issues that are affecting their region and think about ways to create a better future for coastal Louisiana.

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