The Weekly What: Friday, April the 5th

April 5th, 2019

Turtle Cove Writing Retreat

Last week, a group of our students spent a few nights at
Turtle Cove Environmental Research Station
for a writing retreat with our friends at “A Paper Boat Project.” 

Highlights and activities from the trip: 

  • Corpse group writing activity
  • Exploring macro-invertebrate communities and their inductors for water quality
  • Photography workshop with local photographer Aubrey Edwards
  • Noticing patterns in nature and creating linocuts with local artist Matt Johnson
  • Exploring Manchac Swamp via canoe with canoe-guide Eleanor Warner
  • Freshwater explorations and fishing with Ross Harmon
  • Black box archaeology with Chris Staudinger
  • Riveting meal conversations
  • Creating materials to put on the next layer of the paper boat, which will be showcased at The Aquarium Gallery on May 11th. 

Fellowship Spotlight

During our second semester, New Harmony students have been gaining real-life experience and job skills through fellowship opportunities based on their interests and passions.

This week’s highlights are Zoey and Wyatt, who intern at BricoRadio with our neighbors at Bricolage. New Harmony interns assist the BricoRadio team helping their students and staff produce the show.

Visit BricoRadio

Water Pitch Competition
at Propeller

PITCH NOLA is a 3-part series for entrepreneurs tackling inequities
hosted by local venture incubator Propeller.
A group of students attended on Wednesday evening this week to learn
of actions being taken to solve water-related issues city-wide as ventures
competed to win the $10,000 prize.
Students are invited to attend upcoming pitch events and are especially encouraged to attend if their projects fall under the categories of food, health, water, and education.

Upcoming Pitch Events

  • EDUCATION: Wednesday, April the 17th at 6:30-8:30, 4035 Washington Ave. 
  • HEALTH & FOOD: Wednesday, May the 1st at 6:30-8:30, 4035 Washington Ave.

Hiring Admin Roles!

Our admin team is growing! We are seeking experienced, mission-aligned, and dedicated leaders to take on the following roles:
Director of Finance and Operations
Director of Special Education
Director of Learning
Find out more about joining us and apply today by clicking below!

Join Our Team

Now Enrolling!

In Fall 2019, we will welcome our second freshman class to New Harmony High School!
If you are a rising freshman who is interested in visiting our campus to see how we:

  • learn through off-campus exploration
  • reinforce learning through peer-support
  • engage with career professionals through fellowships
…then, we may be a fit for you!
Contact us to set up a tour and/or Shadow Day.

Artwork by our student AJ

Contact Us

24 Carrot Garden & New Harmony High

We are partnering with our friends at 24 Carrot Garden for Earth Day this year.
All are welcome!

Upcoming Learning Opportunities

Staff, students, and families of New Harmony are involved in various organizations around the city. Continue reading below to see what some of the offered events are.

Swamp Camp
for future
New Harmony Students!

This is a unique hands-on opportunity for kids aged 9-12 
Camp activities include
swamp tours, lessons on fish anatomy, presentations by wetlands experts, levee tours, a Cajun food fest, crabbing, water safety, USDA Sugarcane Research Station Tour, alligator farm tour and MORE!

The South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center will hold its annual Swamp Camp from
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 3-7, June 10-14 and June 17-21.

More Info



What is something you do well?

Speak languages; I want to expand my Mandarin Chinese and maybe easier-to-learn Latin languages like Portuguese or Italian.

What is something you have learned in the past week?

A lot of new math concepts.

What is a misconception people have about you?

That I’m quiet or passive.

What is the biggest dream you have for yourself that you do not often say aloud?

Move somewhere possibly out of the country, travel and meet new people.

Who has had a positive influence on your life so far and why?

My mom because she is the main role model for me in my life. I’ve learned a lot of things from her, like life-lessons. I feel like I can talk to her about a lot of my questions, and she will listen.

What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

I would probably wear revealing clothes and shave my head.

What do you like about New Harmony?

The connection with the teachers. I feel like they’re kind of more than teachers, they are also a person you can look up to, and they can help you.

Happy Weekend!


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