Student-centered learning

New Harmony uses a student-centered learning design to meet the educational goals of each student.

  • Each student at New Harmony is part of a small learning community of 15 students called an advisory
  • The advisory is led by an advisor, a teacher who forms individual relationships with each of the students
  • The students work with their advisor to develop an individualized learning plan based on the student’s interests.
  • Students are the center of their own learning experience so that their education is challenging and relevant.
  • Each student has the opportunity to create a project of their own design through an internship with a mentor.
  • Parents and families are engaged in the student’s learning process and enrolled in New Harmony alongside their student as resources to the school community.

This structure creates a student-centered learning model at New Harmony, where students are invested in their learning and challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators, professionals, and family members.